The official Website of the Prince of Chicago


My name is Little Prince Balazy and I am the Prince of Chicago.
I was born as an American Royalty on Flag Day, in Chicago, Illinois.

My Birthdays are always huge celebrations in Chicagoland..

As a young, carefree puppy I was busy discovering the world and I had no idea about my future as a Prince.
I spent my time as a typical youngster.

I had many interests and activities which were instrumental in my physical and mental development.
One of them was playing soccer.

Once I had annoyed my elders, secretly getting a Mohawk hairstyle.
But most at the time I was a well behaving doggie, so long as things went my way.

I love outdoors and my gardens are my pride and joy.
I know the importance of smelling the flowers.

I always knew I was special.
So when my Guardian started to prepare me for my role as a Ruler, I was ready.

I assumed my civic duties with pleasure and with sense of responsibility.
To be close to my subjects, I often leave my palace and mingle with the crowds.
Sometimes I patrol the streets of my beloved Windy City.

From the window of my castle I control traffic on a busy Irving Park Road.
I rule the whole Chicagoland with an iron paw, but also with a warm heart and a great mind.

The older I get the wiser I become.
I love the great City of Chicago and I’m very proud to be the Prince of Chicago.

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