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Hello, everyone!
My name is Little Prince Balazy.

I am the Prince of Chicago.
About Prince of Chicago
Learn more about me as a Royalty in the City of Chicago.
1. Humorous Picture Book
- I, Prince

Illustrates my life as a Prince of Chicago.
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2. Children’s Picture Book
- Prince to the Rescue

How I helped little animals to find their new home.

Living the life of a Royal Canine is great. I am loved and respected, my wishes are promptly anticipated and my lordly caprices are fulfilled.

As the Prince of Chicago, I declare that all dogs deserve princehood.

“He ain’t heavy – he is my kin”.
I’m always ready to help my fellow creatures, as in the true story PRINCE TO THE RESCUE.

But my position also carries responsibilities – for my beautiful Chicagoland and for all dogs of the world.
I approach my obligations with eagerness and dedication. I’m committed to make my land statelier yet and to see all my subjects happy.

The humorous picture book titled I, PRINCE illustrates my life as a high-spirited, intelligent, talented and very personable member of the noble caste.

Despite my princely status, I feel at home everywhere I go and I explore all walks of life – it expands my horizons and adds the nickname The Great to my official title, the Prince of Chicago.

Love you all – Little Prince, the Prince of Chicago.

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